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Mission:  The mission of the Cardiology organization is to increase the awareness of NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine students to cardiology and its subspecialties, while providing useful and focused tools during their medical education. We also intend to foster an interest in the field of cardiology by promoting shadowing, mentoring, and research opportunities between faculty and students.

National Organization: No National Organization

Our Chapter: Lunchtime Speaker Series – approximately once a month, physicians will be invited to speak at lunchtime about their practices, their fields, and their views of different topics (refreshments are served), EKG workshop, Echo workshop, heart sounds workshop, vital signs workshop for the first year students, and cardiac arrest simulation workshop to help prepare the second year students for ACLS.


Member Position Email
Usman Aslam President uaslam01@nyit.edu
Kyle Hitscherich Vice President khitsche@nyit.edu
Devesh Patel Secretary dpate129@nyit.edu
Adam Makkawi Treasurer amakkawi@nyit.edu
2nd Year Representative
Public Relations Liason
1st Year Representative
Dr. Ronald D’Agostino Adviser dag58@nyit.edu

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Cardiology Club 1st Meeting Minutes

The Cardiology Organization’s first meeting took place on September 20, 2013 in Riland Auditorium. The meeting began with the President and e-board introducing themselves and explaining their various roles in the organization. Four enthusiastic and well-qualified first year students ran for first year representative and a candidate was successfully elected. Upcoming workshops (EKG and blood pressure instruction), future meeting topics, organization activities […]

Cardiology Organization Meeting Minutes

On March 12th NYIT-COM’s Cardiology Organization had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Douglas Luxenberg for an interactive discussion about the field of Pediatric Cardiology. Dr. Luxenberg discussed common pediatric cardiology pathologies as well as the various pathways to becoming a pediatric cardiologist. Dr. Luxenberg offered advice on how to succeed in attaining competitive residency and […]

Second Cardiology Organization Meeting

The Cardiology Organization’s second meeting took place on December 5th, 2012 in Roger Williams Auditorium. Guest speaker Dr. Youhua Zhang presented a discussion on his research titled “Role of Cardiac Autonomic System in Heart Failure and A-fib.” Dr. Zhang began his presentation by reviewing normal anatomy of the heart’s conduction system and the role it […]

NYCOM Cardiology Meeting

NYCOM Cardiology started off our first meeting on September 6th in Roger Williams Auditorium with an introduction by our club president to the club’s mission along with introducing our new executive board members. Upcoming workshops were discussed such as the blood pressure workshop on September 27th at noon in Roger Williams Auditorium. This workshop is […]

Cardiology 4th Meeting – Minutes

Guest speaker was Dr. Richard Schwartz. Roll call and meeting start time The meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm. Roll call members of the board who attended: Ehizogie Adu, President Maroof Ali, Vice President Ling Zhang, Treasurer Anjeza Zholanji, Secretary Adam Rhodes, 1st Year Rep. Roll call number of attendees 57 Students signed […]

3rd Cardiology Club Meeting – Minutes

NYCOM Cardiology Club  3rd Meeting: Oct, 4th , 2011 Guest speaker: Joseph Germano, D.O. Location: Mollie Rogers Auditorium   I) Roll call and meeting start time A) The meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm. B) Roll call members of the board who attended: 1. Ehizogie Adu, President 2. Maroof Ali, Vice President 3. […]

2nd Cardiology Meeting – Minutes

NYCOM Cardiology Club 2nd Meeting: Sept, 22nd, 2011 Blood Pressure Workshop   This meeting was conducted jointly with ACOPF. Guest speaker was Dr. Blazey.   I) Roll call and meeting start time A) The meeting was called to order at 12:00 pm. B) Roll call members of the board who attended: 1. Ehizogie Adu, President […]

1st Cardiology Meeting – Minutes

We started off our meeting with each of the e-board members saying something about themselves, and we also mentioned our plans for the  upcoming school year, such as: topics of future meetings, club activities, member involvement, etc. Then we went on and held our raffle, first we raffled off the pack of anatomy flashcards, and […]

SGA Activities Fair

Make a Difference, Get Involved! The SGA Activities Fair is a great way for students to learn more about the active organizations present on the NYCOM campus.  Each organization will have its own table where students can sign up to become members or inquire about organization activities that take place throughout the year.  The Activities […]

Mental Health Counseling is Available to all NYITCOM Students

Confidential mental health and professional counseling is available to all NYITCOM students to assist them in coping with the stresses of medical school. Counseling services are available through the NYITCOM Academic Health Care Center and the NYIT Counseling and Wellness Center. A. NYITCOM’s Academic Health Care Center provides mental health counseling services. Students can schedule […]


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