CMDA 1st Meeting!

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We were so excited to start the year by sharing our vision for the year, electing a new first year rep, and giving away lots of goodies!

CMDA hopes to address crucial spiritual questions that we have, and that our patients will one day have. They might be more common place than you think! Questions like, “How do I deal with people who have hurt me?” or, “Why am I plagued with guilt, anxiety, self doubt, anger, regret, a lack of peace, etc.?” or, “Why should I take care of myself? Am I worth anything?”… they all address the core of who we all are as humans.

This year, we hope to seek out answers to the deep questions about who we are, because it informs how we treat ourselves and others, and this in turn relates to health and healthcare! And we hope to accomplish this through our general meetings, bible study, prayer meetings, and conference attendance.

While understanding ourselves and others better is a great start, that is by no means the endpoint. We then hope to apply what we learn about caring for others through community service.

Some volunteer events we have to look forward to are:

  • Ovarian and Breast cancer walks (with ACOOG/OBGYN)
  • Operation Christmas Child (gift giving to children around the world)
  • Don’t Walk By (homeless outreach)
  • Partnership with Living Water for Women (a transitional home in Glen Cove)

And we have two major conferences in mind as well:

  • Center for Faith and Work Conference (Redeemer Presbyterian Church)
  • Intermed Winter Conference (CMDA)

Finally we elected our first year rep! Congrats to Jasmine Varughese, who we so look forward to working with! It’s going to be a great year. 🙂

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